Creating for Creation’s Sake

The act of creation is worthy in itself. Hype and critique tell us that creative pursuits are validated by social status: awards, attention, money, likes, comments, followers.

The most daring of all artistic acts is to create for the sake of creating. To recognize and believe that worth is inherent simply because it is possible.


  1. I am so grateful I discovered you tonight. Admittingly, through a gossip forum. The funny thing was as I read all the reasons you’re “awful” I only found you more and more relatable. I immediately called my husband (who also is rarely home due to work) bc I was so excited to see someone publicly saying and doing the things I think and do . The reasons I’m supposed to dislike you are the same reasons I instead fell in love with the digital you, who I have a good feeling is the true you (unlike most bloggers). I love how you are unapologetically honest bc in this sad world of mom/wife/women shaming we live in, its refreshing to see someone just be honest for once! So yeah…thank you! ❤️


  2. This is an awesome surprise! Your old handle came into my mind this morning, but I also followed you during the WeddingBee days. I’m loving your stuff now even more than back then! Thanks for still writing 😊


    1. Thank YOU for taking the time to leave this comment <3. I often miss the old days, but also, this new version of blogging and instagram (I'm mostly on Instagram, @livingabsolutely) has me showing up and communing in entirely new ways. Happy to have you around!


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