Who Cares What A Blog Is Supposed To Be Now

Last night I figured out why I have a handful of drafts sitting waiting to be published to this blog, with no desire to actually send them out into the world.

I don’t want to be a 2019 blogger. I want to be a 2008 one. The way it was when I started publishing online as That Girl/That Bride/That Wife and the only goal was to write what you know or think or feel and send it out into the universe.

I don’t want my personal writing space to be about a formula – how can I make every image have a similar look and feel? What’s my brand? What narrow margins should I constrain the post topics and form within? Should I talk about X or Y this week?

F that. No more shoulds. I chose the name Living Absolutely because I wanted something to guide me, and containing myself for the form is not living. And it’s not absolute either! I tried being contained and now I’m going to try flying free. Writing what’s on my mind whenever it strikes me, choosing whatever image I’m compelled to share because I have thousands on my hard drive waiting for some fresh air and not because it fits a certain aesthetic, moderating comments heavily (play nice darlings, don’t go around thinking that #criticismcorner exercises are contained to Instagram!), giving my writing muscles a workout for no reason other than how good it makes me feel.

There it is. One step closer to understanding what Living Absolutely means for me.

Back in the old days I enjoyed the act of crafting a post around reader requests. Comment here or on Instagram and help me restart that list.

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